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What is Flaky test? Steps to resolve Test Flakiness

A flaky test 

  • An automated test in a software testing environment that may produce inconsistent results, sometimes passing and sometimes failing, even when applied to the same version of the software under the same conditions. 

  • Flaky tests are problematic because they undermine the reliability and effectiveness of automated testing.

Factors contribute to test flakiness

  • Timing Issues

  • Concurrency and Parallelism

  • Environment Dependencies

  • Order of Test Execution

  • Synchronization Issues

  • Data Setup and Cleanup

Steps to implement effective solutions

Isolate the Flaky Test

Helps to identify, if the issue is specific to the test or if it's influenced by other tests or external factors

Check for Environment Issues

Ensure there are no network issues, server problems, or other external dependencies affecting test execution

Review Test Dependencies

result from inconsistent or unreliable dependencies, such as data setup, configurations, or external services Test environment is properly set up before test execution.

Randomize Test Execution Order

Run the entire test suite with a randomized execution order If the flakiness disappears or changes, it might indicate dependencies between tests or order-specific issues.

Increase Wait Times and Retries

Increasing wait times or adding retries may stabilize the test execution

Logging and Debugging

Introduce detailed logging and debugging mechanisms in the test scripts 

Capture information about the test environment, steps executed, & any error messages

Analyze the logs to identify patterns or inconsistencies.

Parallel Execution Issues

Check if there are any shared resources or conflicts causing problems. Adjust the parallel execution strategy to minimize contention.

Review Application Code and Test Code

 Examine both the application code and the test code, Look for race conditions, concurrency problems, or synchronization issues

Update Dependencies

Can be resolved by updating libraries, frameworks, and tools to newer versions that address known issues

Collaborate with Development Teams

Work closely with the development teams to get insights into recent changes & To identify potential issues in the application code

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