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Manual testing Interview questions 

What do you mean by Positive testing?
This is basically testing what the system supposed to do
What do you mean by Negtive testing?
This is basically testing what the system not supposed to do
What is Test strategy?

  • The way the applications is going to be tested or the approach for how to test an application.  

  • It is developed by the Business Aanlyst or by the Product owner

Explain Load vs stress Testing
Load testing: Testing the application with in the user limit
Stress testing: Testing the same with beyond the user limit

Testing the application server which can handle how many concurrent users effectively and quickly i.e., check stability of the application

What is Test Scenario?
High level description of functionality of the application- i.e., what to test 
What do you mean by Test case?
Basically it tells how to test the particular feature of an application. 
It contains all descriptions, pre and post conditions, actual & expected results
What are the Components of test cases?
Test steps to perform, test data, pre and post conditions, actual & expected results, priority

What are the different types of system testing?

  • Regression Testing

  • Load Testing

  • Functional Testing

  • Recovery Testing

  • Migration Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • Software and Hardware Testing

What is Functional testing ?
Testing, what the system actually does is known as functional testing. In other words, testing a slice of functionality in the system to confirm that the code is doing the right things.

What is Non-functional testing /Performance Testing?

Testing, how well the system performs is known as Non functional testing. Basically it is a kind of testing how the stability, speed, scalability, and responsiveness of an application holds up under a given workload.

What are the different type of non-functional testing?

  • Load testing

  • Stress testing

  • Security testing

  • Environment testing(hardware/software)

  • Compatibility testing

  • Configuration testing

  • Different operating system browser

what do you mean by Acceptance testing (formal testing)?
Acceptance testing is performed to validate or to determine whether the application is developed as per the business requirements.

What is Unit Testing?

Unit testing means testing individual modules of an application in isolation (without any interaction with dependencies) to confirm that the code is doing things right.

E.g., Testing of individual units like functions or classes by supplying input and making sure the output is as expected:

What do you mean by Integration testing? 

Integration testing means checking if different modules are working fine when combined together as a group.

What is UI testing?

  • UI testing is a testing type that helps testers ensure that all the fields, labels, buttons, and other items on the screen function as desired

  • Main-focus is to check whether the end user can understand and operate the application easily or not

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