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Python MySQL Database Operations Example with mysql.connector

import mysql.connector

    # Establish a connection to the MySQL database
    con = mysql.connector.connect(host="localhost", port=3306, user="username", password="password", database="Education")

    # Create a cursor to execute SQL queries
    cursor = con.cursor()

    # Insert records into the "student" table
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO student VALUES('Eliza', 104)")
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO student VALUES('Kattie', 105)")
    cursor.execute("INSERT INTO student VALUES('Jack', 106)")

    # Execute a SELECT query to retrieve all records from the "student" table
    cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM student")

    # Print the results of the SELECT query
    for r in cursor:
        print(r[0], r[1])

    # Commit the changes to the database

except mysql.connector.Error as e:
    print("Connection Unsuccessful:", e)

    # Close the cursor and connection in the finally block to ensure proper cleanup

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