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Serialization vs Deserialization



  ObjectOutputStream class is used to serialize an object to a byte stream.

ObjectInputStream class is used to deserialize a byte stream into an object

Commonly used for saving object states persistently, transmitting objects over a network, or sharing data between different applications.

Crucial for scenarios where data, previously serialized, needs to be retrieved and used in its original object form. Common use cases include reading objects from files, receiving serialized data over a network, or reconstructing objects stored in databases.

Object to Byte Stream Example

// Serialize an object to a byte stream
ByteArrayOutputStream bytArrOPStream = new ByteArrayOutputStream();
ObjectOutputStream objOPStream = new bjectOutputStream(bytArrOPStream);

// Example object to be serialized
MyObject myObject = new MyObject();

// Serialize the object

// Get the byte stream
byte[] byteStream = bytArrOPStream.toByteArray();

// Close streams

Byte Stream to Object Example

// Deserialize an object from a byte stream
ByteArrayInputStream bytArrIPStream = new ByteArrayInputStream(byteStream);
ObjectInputStream objIPStream = new ObjectInputStream(bytArrIPStream);

// Deserialize the object
MyObject deserializedObject = (MyObject) objIPStream.readObject();

// Close streams

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