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Test case for Valid Coupon Code

This test case checks whether a valid coupon code is successfully applied to a booking cart, the total is updated accordingly, and a success message is displayed.

package com.seleniumExamples2024;

public class BookingCart {
	private double total;
    private String confirmationMessage;

    public void addItem(String itemName, double itemPrice) {
        // Simulated logic to add an item to the cart
        // For simplicity, the item price is directly added to the total
        total += itemPrice;

    public boolean applyCoupon(String couponCode) {
        // Simulated logic to apply a coupon
        if ("VALIDCODE123".equals(couponCode)) {
       // For simplicity, assuming the coupon provides a 10% discount
            total *= 0.9;
            confirmationMessage = "Coupon applied successfully";
            return true;
        } else {
            confirmationMessage = "Invalid coupon code";
            return false;

    public double getTotal() {
        return total;

    public String getConfirmationMessage() {
        return confirmationMessage;


package com.seleniumExamples2024;

import org.testng.Assert;
import org.testng.annotations.Test;
import org.testng.asserts.SoftAssert;

public class CouponCodeValidationTest {
    public void testValidCouponCodeApplication() {
		// Step 1: Add an item to the booking cart (simulated action)
        BookingCart bookingCart = new BookingCart();
        bookingCart.addItem("Hotel Room", 100.0);

        // Step 2: Enter a valid coupon code
        String validCouponCode = "VALIDCODE123";

        // Step 3: Apply the coupon code
        boolean couponApplied = bookingCart.applyCoupon(validCouponCode);

        // Assert that the coupon was applied successfully
        Assert.assertTrue(couponApplied, "Coupon should be applied successfully");

        // Soft assertions for floating-point comparison
        SoftAssert softAssert = new SoftAssert();

        // Step 4: Validate the total value after applying the coupon
        double expectedTotal = 90.0;
        double actualTotal = bookingCart.getTotal();
        double delta = 0.001;

        // Use softAssert for floating-point comparison
        softAssert.assertTrue(Math.abs(expectedTotal - actualTotal) < delta, "Booking total should reflect the discount");

        // Step 5: Validate the confirmation message
        String expectedConfirmationMessage = "Coupon applied successfully";
        String actualConfirmationMessage = bookingCart.getConfirmationMessage();

        // Assert that the confirmation message is as expected
        softAssert.assertEquals(actualConfirmationMessage, expectedConfirmationMessage, "Incorrect confirmation message");

        // Perform final assertion to fail the test if any of the previous assertions failed

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