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Screw Gauge

Updated: Feb 6

Screw gauge is an instrument which works based on the principle of micrometer screw. When the width of the material to be measured is close to 0.01mm, screw gauge is used. Screw gauges are typically used to measure diameter of wires/rods, also used to measure thickness of metal sheet and so on. In a standard screw, each thread is separated by a predetermined distance and the thread separation equals the distance traveled by a screw in forward direction in one complete rotation. In other words, when a screw is rotated in a nut, the distance moved by the tip of the screw is directly proportional to the number of rotations.

Parts of screw gauge

  • The Screw Gauge consists of a ‘U’ shaped metal frame

  • A hollow cylinder is attached to one end of the frame

  • Pitch Scale-Sleeve

  • Thimble -Head/Circular scale

  • Ratchet

  • S1-spindle

  • S2-Anvil